Help For Your Canine Catastrophe: 12 Ways To Ease Anxiety Over Grooming

14 October 2015
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Canada boasts a heart-warming 5.9 million dogs, but winter snow, springtime mud and summer burrs make for one tangled coat. However, if your pet is fearful and anxious about grooming, you've got big problems. Here are some possible solutions. 1. Redirect Bad Behavior While you might be inclined to coddle and coo your misbehaving dog, sympathy isn't going to teach him to change his ways. If he sneers and struggles, give him a quick " Read More 

Four Ways To Make An Extended Kennel Stay Easier On Your Dog

28 August 2015
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If you're going out of town for a while and plan to leave your dog in a kennel, then you're probably worried that this situation will be hard on your pet. Your furry friend will be away from the family and in an unfamiliar location while you're enjoying a vacation! Luckily, there are some things you can do ahead of time to make an upcoming stay in the dog kennel easier on your pet. Read More 

Have An Older Feline In Your Life? Tips On Keeping Your Furry Friend Healthy And Happy

30 January 2015
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Whether your older feline has been part of your family for life or is a more recent adoption, chances are you're fairly attached to your purring friend. While cats do tend to have fewer health problems than dogs, once they get to be senior or geriatric cats they need more frequent veterinary visits, dietary changes and sometimes modifications to their living environments. The following is an explanation of how older cat ages compare to human ages, along with tips on how to better care for your maturing lap-warmer. Read More